Your 1st choice in North Devon for :
New Build // Conversion // Renovation // Restoration


When you made the decision to repair, renovate or build a house, you conquered an important hurdle.

Now you need to find a professional builder to carry your plans through to construction and completion.

A&G Setherton can help you by providing a wealth of experience and support.

Helping you:

  • Keep your project on track and within budget.
  • Source specialist contractors
  • Supply building materials and fittings

Q: What testimonials can you provide from previous customers?
A: We have feedback available from previous customers which we would be happy to share with you when contacted.

Q: I am interested in seeing first-hand, examples of work you have undertaken. Can you make arrangements to view completed projects?
A: We are happy to arrange a viewing. We have a network of satisfied customers who we can approach about a visit to their home.

Q: What is the relationship between you and your subcontractors?
A: We have good working relationships with all our subcontractors, the majority of them we have used for at least 5 to 10 years.

Q: What happens if the project specification changes at any time?
A: We liase with architects and customers to supply further quotations if required.

Q: How do you keep your customers informed during the building process?
A: We like to inform our customers on a regular basis, with monthly meetings and if the client is on site, daily or weekly updates.